Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She takes my breath away.

The very first time I saw her, I told myself that I'm in love with her. She takes my breath away whenever I see her. I get goose bumps whenever I think of her.

She turns heads, she is so beautiful. I admire her so much because she stands for all that's good. 

I love the way she moves so freely, yet she's so strong. The colors she wears will never go out of style. I made a promise to protect her with my life. 

That's the way I feel about Old Glory whenever I see her flying freely above our free skies.

- Ramon Valenzuela, El Paso, TX


The Charlatan Scribe said...

Thank you for sharing this. It seems that most people now don't have a true love for their country. I applaud you and stand with you. And yes, she is beautiful, timeless and strong.

The Grim Reefer said...


L.A. Jones said...

I am glad to see how devoted u are to God and to ur country. I have to ask you something's though. Being a christian u are bound to get tons of crud from people, but it's part of the drill right?
But how do u feel when people use the lord in order to create cults and do unspeakable things? I find that it's insulting how they use the lord for such things don't u?
By the way Ariel is lucky!