Monday, May 31, 2010

Because of them.

Because of them, I slept soundly last night without any fear of a foreign army invading my city.

Because of them, I went to the gym this morning without even thinking twice about it.

Because of them, I was able to mow my own lawn without fear of my piece of land being confiscated without recompense.

Because of them, I was able to paint my front door without worrying that it will ever be broken down by gestapos.

Because of them, I'm able to post this without fear of it being monitored by the government, censored by them, or taken down because they do not like the views I express here.

Because of them, our Constitution has been protected and still guarantees me many freedoms I take for granted.

Because of them, you and I say and do hundreds things every single day in freedom, without fear of the government or any foreign enemy.

Over one million men and women of every race and creed have given up their lives for the sake of freedom, for the sake of this great country, and for our sake. May we never, EVER forget their sacrifice.

To all who have ever sacrificed for our great country: thank you.


Evelyn said...


Ariel said...

Thanks Evelyn. I have much appreciation and respect for our military - my grandpa, dad, and brother all fought in wars for our great country.

pallash said...

U say that because of them u are able to sleep peacefully in your home. Ur d greatest fool if so at all; its because of US Foreign policy that Americans are threatened everywhere. Many americans try not to sound american in many countries.
Have you not gone thru wikileaks files on Iraq and Afghanistan. U ppl randomly kill people and say that ur protecting freedom. WHo called u to Iraq and then turned the cradle of civilisation into killing fields.
U drop atom bombs, use napalm,agent orange, depleted uranium,drones to kill innocents. and think that u sud be safe. How is it possible?

Dear, I know american ppl are the dumbest ppl around. they hardly know about things outside their little world and as such, their govt. props up imaginary enemies.

American will be far more safer if it were to withdrew its military from around the world and stop interfering in other ppl lives and world. U r the youngest nation of the planet