Thursday, January 28, 2010

Del Sol Northeast prayer update - 01/28/10

Here's the latest update on Del Sol Northeast:

- Sunday was our kickoff into weekly worship celebration services at Del Sol Northeast! We had two public services at 9:30 & 11:00 am and had a good crowd from the community in attendance. Most everyone who attended our last preview service on the 10th came back, one of them brought someone with them, and 3 new couples & families showed up.

- We also had a pleasant surprise; KFOX 14 and KINT 26 both showed up to do stories on us. I was interviewed on KFOX and Grace Taylor was interviewed in Spanish on channel 26. Nobody seemed to know how those channels found out about Del Sol Northeast – not even the cameramen – but it was a big blessing and free publicity. I think that someone from our East campus probably told someone who knew someone in the local TV industry and that’s how the word got out. However it happened, it was a surprise and a great blessing. Here’s the link to video of the KFOX interview:

- The day before out kickoff on the 24th, our team got together to show God’s love in practical ways by doing two different service projects: some went to a laundromat to pay for people’s loads of wash and for the dryers and others went to a supermarket to hand our free coffee and donuts in the cold, blustery weather. Those of us who did the coffee & donuts served about 20 people and made some brief but good contacts. Those who went to the laundromat served a handful of people and had some extended conversations. I think the greatest impact of those outreaches was the impact we made on the owner of the laundromat and the staff of the supermarket.

- This Sunday we begin a new message series called “TXT” where we’ll look at the history of the Bible, why it’s reliable and trustworthy, and how it’s more than just a book but is really the ultimate love letter. I hope you’ll be praying for us about that this week.

Here's how you can pray this week:

1. Pray for me this Sunday and for the following two weeks as I speak about God’s Word and explain why we trust the Bible and why we sit under its authority.

2. Pray for our launch team, that they can find exactly where is best for them to serve at the NE campus, and that God would give me wisdom about how to feed and shepherd them in this crucial time.

3. Ask the Lord to continually refresh me, to give me vision for the future, and to do whatever He sees fit in me and through me.

Thanks for your prayers - I truly believe they make a big difference.

- Ariel Martinez |

Del Sol Church - Northeast Campus Pastor

11501 Vista del Sol, El Paso, TX 79936

Office: (915) 855-3798 ext. 231 | Cell: (915) 449-0552

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